Article 1 – Legal information and purpose

The website hereinafter referred to as “Outletking B2B “, offers a wholesale service for retail professionals on the Internet.

Access to the site, consultation, and use are contingent upon acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of

The site is edited by Outletking B2B.

Company detail: Outletking-B2B, Manuel Give Cadiz. S/N Huelva, Cadiz. 21003, Spain

For questions about the company, you can send us your queries and concerns by email at
For legal requisitions, we will thank you for sending us the requisition by mail at Kindly specify a URL for the issue, the email address of the diffuser, or phone number.

We will send you the requested information as soon as possible.

To simplify our procedures, we will be thankful if you kindly include your email address in your request.

The Terms are intended to determine the conditions of use of the outletking-b2b service available to users on the Website and Mobile Site.

Article 2 – Consent to conditions of sale

Prior to making any purchase, customers are required to review general terms and conditions of the sale and privacy policies on outletking-b2b website.

If a customer has made a purchase, it is deemed that they have read and consented to such terms and policies. If a customer doesn’t agree to the terms, they shouldn’t make a purchase on outletking-b2b.

By purchasing a product or products on this website, customer(s) are deemed to have given their unconditional consent to the general terms and conditions of the sale, including the payment terms and the privacy policy.
This also means they know and consent to the terms of collecting and processing personally identifiable information and agree to comply with related stipulated agreements.

All the products offered on outletking-b2b website are only purchasable by people over the age of 18 and who are legally qualified to enter into a binding agreement.

outletking-b2b reserves the right to deny service and not process any orders from customer(s) who don’t meet the above criteria.

Article 3 – Terms of purchase


All the product purchases made on outletking-b2b by customers are done so in complete agreement with what is shown and described on the website including the specified price along with additional fees and taxes which may vary from location to location.

There may be additional costs such as shipping and legal fee which will be displayed to the customer at the time of the purchase.

The number of units in stock reflects product’s availability and outletking-b2b doesn’t guarantee that products ordered will be delivered if they are no longer available.

outletking-b2b will provide customers with the option of reserving products wherever feasible and will communicate the details of delivery time, either by e-mail or telephone, which may be longer than usual.

Prior to order completion, every customer will be made aware of the specific unit cost of each product selected, as well as the total number of products ordered, if they have ordered more than one, along with shipping charges.

After completing the purchase, customer(s) will receive an e-mail confirmation of their order, with outletking-b2b specifying that their order has been successfully received.

The e-mail will also include a unique order number. Soon after, customers will receive a second e-mail from outletking-b2b confirming the acceptance of the placed order, including the delivery of products to the stated address and an estimated delivery date.

This information provides clients with the opportunity to check relevant information, and if necessary, report and/or request further information from outletking-b2b.

Customers will be able to check the status of their order through the customer dashboard. The order placed on outletking-b2b can be in any one of the following statuses:

Confirmed: Order has been placed and the payment has been verified. Order will be automatically canceled by the international banking system if no authorization is received.

Waiting for Confirmation: outletking-b2b has verified the order confirming the availability of the product(s).

Sent: Ordered product(s) have been delivered to the relevant courier for transportation.

Article 4 – Payment terms and conditions

Purchases on outletking-b2b can’t be paid for through installments. All payments should be made in full.

If a customer chooses to pay through a credit card that is displayed and accepted on outletking-b2b, the payment must be made upon Invoicing.

The validity of such a payment method will be strictly verified by the provider during order processing.

Once the verification process is complete, the customer will be notified through an e-mail. Credit will be received by outletking-b2b at the time of shipping out of the ordered products.

All product prices are subject to change without any prior notice from outletking-b2b. Any orders that have already been placed and confirmed will not be affected by such price fluctuation.

If a service provider or financial institution that has issued the credit card refuses to pay for any reason, outletking-b2b will not be liable for non-delivery or delayed shipment of ordered product(s).

outletking-b2b reserves the right to cancel any order that does not accompany the relevant information required to complete the order.

Financial information shared by the customer including credit card number will not be known to outletking-b2b at any point in time. Any sensitive information of such nature is transmitted through a secure encrypted connection to the concerned financial institution portal provided by the customer.

This means outletking-b2b will not be liable for any illegal or fraudulent use of the credit card which may potentially occur during the ordering process.

PayPal payments are no longer accepted (too much fraud and long payout as well as 180 days right of return) are not sustainable in B2B business

outletking-b2b also reserves the right to reject the order without any right for the customer to claim damages.

If the customer chooses to cancel their order paid with credit card, bank transfer,

outletking-b2b will refund the order sum through the same mode of payment picked by the customer. Request for reimbursement through any other payment mode will not be granted under any circumstances. Refund Time 10 Days

All customer data and personally identifiable information is processed in a way which effectively prevents third parties’ unauthorized access to it.

For further security, customers should try to use a secure browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Until the very moment when a customer confirms their order, credit card details reside exclusively on the customer’s computer or device.

Article 5 – Delivery

Worldwide orders are accepted by outletking-b2b, however, shipping time may vary for different global regions. Customers can find their order invoices for downloading and printing in their personal outletking-b2b account. No changes can be made once the information provided by the customer has been processed and documented.

outletking-b2b system will calculate any shipment costs added to the product(s) price. In case of large orders, a outletking-b2b representative may reach out to the customer to discuss shipment costs, details, and delivery time required.

If customers require the right to verify to ensure the number of packages delivered corresponds to that shown on the transport document, the packaging is intact, and/or the product matches the order, they must sign the delivery correspondence with” the right to check the integrity of the products”. If this step isn’t taken, customers will lose their right to dispute the non-matching appearance or quantity of the product ordered after delivery.

Product(s) are prepared within a span of 7 days once the payment is confirmed and the order has been dispatched from outletking-b2b. Orders where payment is made by the customer in advance, with the exception of bank transfer, and where factual anomalies are found such as mismatched name etc., the product(s) are delivered in 14 working days from when outletking-b2b has taken all the steps to verify the legitimacy and regularity of the payment. The delivery time might changed due to holidays and high season.

If the ordered product(s) fails to reach the customer within 10 working days after the order has been confirmed, the customer should send an inquiry to customer service citing non-delivery mentioning the order ID and other related information. After receiving the inquiry, outletking-b2b will get in touch with the customer within 2 working days with the aim to resolve the matter or in some cases explain the reason for non-fulfillment of their order.

Although customers located outside the European Union (EU) are responsible for taxes and duties on their order, import duty and/or tax costs will be invoiced to them directly from an import broker appointed by them. We recommend our customers to contact their local customs authority to determine a landed cost price prior to purchase completion. If you have any questions about how your shipment can be solved, please reach out to our customer service.

When using bank invoice, the order total shall be paid within 48 hours or outletking-b2b will have no choice but to cancel the order. Once the bank transfer has been confirmed the customer will receive a notification and the order will be shipped out within 48 hours after preparing the goods.

Article 6 – Refunds & Returns

Any product return for the reasons of not being as advertised or defective will first have to be assessed and approved by outletking-b2b. Customers will only be eligible for return if they inform of such shortcoming in their order within 2 days of delivery. In order to return such orders, customers must contact outletking-b2b customer service.

Return request should include the date of purchase, along with the choice of reimbursement method. If the product is defective, the customer must also provide photographic evidence. The cost of return shipment will be borne by the customer and the return will be managed by a special courier tasked by outletking-b2b . The cost of return shipment or restocking fee of 5% will be deducted from the refund for goods returned.

The product, along with its original packaging, as well as any other items received must be sent to outletking-b2b in order to protect it from damage. Requests for refunds made after two days of delivery will not be accepted. Approved refund will be made through bank transfer or PayPal within 14 working days of receipt of goods.

Article 7 – Privacy Policy

outletking-b2b will be the “owner” of customer’s data and all the information concerning the use of their personal data is summarized in the privacy document, in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information legislation. Customers must, therefore, accept such a policy before proceeding with any purchases, with a particular focus on the following areas:

Purposes of data processing

  • Commercial, promotional and/or sales purposes to identify potential customers for each specific product or service for example statistics, customer satisfaction feedback, preliminary gathering of information aimed at reaching an agreement or provision of a service, etc.; customer satisfaction research for example research on the quality of services; fulfillment of obligations under the law, regulations or legislation.

Data communication

  • The personal data collected by outletking-b2b will be communicated and/or processed by people we trust, who, in pursuit of the above objectives, carry out operational, technical and organizational tasks. The personal data provided by customers is used only to perform the job or related services; the data is not disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is required by law or is directly necessary for the fulfillment of requirements.

  • All the details of the credit cards processed by email/telephone/ fax are processed by the PayPal secure server and immediately canceled after the transaction.

Rights of interested parties

  • It is fully established that the customer has the option to exercise specific rights. The customer may obtain confirmation or otherwise of the existence of data concerning them, even if not yet recorded;

  • Information about the origin of personal data, the purpose and methods of processing it, and the basis of processing in cases where this is done using electronic instruments;

  • Indication of the identity of the Owner and the Person Responsible, and the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be communicated or who have access to them;

  • The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as updating, rectification or, where interested, integration of data unless it is impossible or involves the use of disproportionate means. The customer may also object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data about them, even if it relates to the purpose of the data collection. The customer can also object to the processing of personal data for sending advertising material or otherwise, aimed at carrying out market research and business communications.

Article 8 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Spanish law has regulated information within this sales contract. District courts of Spain will handle any disputes concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this contact.

Article 9 – Modifications

outletking-b2b reserves the right to edit this document without any prior notice at any time, and as a result will be effective from the date of its publication at

Article 10 – Additional Information

All communication and contracts will be done so in, English

Should a provision of these terms and conditions be ineffective, the rest of the contract remains valid. In place of the ineffective provision, the relevant statutory provisions apply.